History and Practical Use of INDUSTRIAL HEMP Hemp has existed for thousands of years and has been created into many useful things such as hemp food, textiles, paper, fabrics, fuel and oil. Investment Opportunity AU GLOBAL SOURCER Known as Industrial Hemp (botanical name Cannabis Sativa). It is an aromatic, erect annual herbaceous plant, growing from 2m-5m or more in 3-4 months, It was legalised in Australia in 2017.

Our vision is to globally educate especially in the Asia Pacific market, inspire and empower others to live naturally healthy, happy lives. We actively educate and support people and organizations who believe in a natural product lifestyle, too.

It’s about sustainable for humankind and our beloved Earth. Plastic, cotton, fossil fuels and other profitable products have reached crisis propositions to the Earth. Our passionate about replacing unsustainable agricultural practises with industrial hemp, by natural goodness of hemp returning nutrients to the soil and sequestering carbon dioxide.

The true valorisation of industrial hemp will hinge on significant innovation and the development of high-value applications. Further, strong community outreach and education is required to overcome the stigma attached with industrial hemp due to its morphological and genetic similarities to its psychoactive-rich (>0.3% THC) analogue.

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